About Conservatory



Being the first private conservatory of Republic of Türkiye, Haliç University Conservatory was founded under the lead of late vocal artist and choral conductor of TRT Radio Istanbul Nusret Ersöz in 1999-2000 academic year, starting with Turkish Music Department. State Classic Turkish Music Choir soloist Asst. Prof. Çetin Körükçü was conservatory's first principal. Over twenty years of time period from its establishment, eminent Türkish Music artists Prof. Aleaddin YAVAŞÇA, Prof. Mutlu TORUN, Prof. Erol Deran, Sadun AKSÜT, Yücel PSŞMAKÇI, Mehmet ERENLER, Ahmet ÖZHAN, Melihat GÜRSES, Serap Mutlu AKBULUT ve Münip UTANDI have been on board of Turkish Music Department.

Headed by Müşfik KENTER, Theater Department opened its doors to education in 2001-2002 academic year with well-known stage artists Sönmez ATASOY, Kadriye KENTER, Atilla ŞENDİL, Murat KARASU, Şükrü TÜREN, Zekai MÜFTÜOĞLU, Celal Kadri KINOĞLU, Hasan ŞAHİNTÜRK ve Oğuz ARICI.

In 2007-2008 academic year Opera Department took its place within the conservatory. Celebrated artist Prof. Saim AKÇIL, Prof. Leyla Pınar TANRISEVER and Istanbul State Opera and Ballet soloist Suat ARIKAN have been among the other reputable artists who are on the body of instructors. 

Prof. Dr. Murat Salim TOKAÇ is the current principal of Haliç University Conservatory. Prior to this position which started in 2021-2022 academic year, Dr. TOKAÇ has been served as a bureaucrat as well as a performer on various levels of state cultural affairs, and he was the General Director of Fine Arts of Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

''Taking our inspiration from our long tradition of arts and cultural history, we, the members of Haliç University Conservatory, defined our mission as raising our youth as the future artists."