About Conservatory


Vision & Mission


Our vision is:

  • To train and bringing in to the community the individuals who understand the importance of a constructive and complementary activity inherent in the art, are original, can find different solutions, have advanced stage performance skills, socially responsible and conscious, always follow the current trends and culture regarding the stage, are adopted in the international arena, embraced the act of providing a benefit to society into their consciousness, and have interdisciplinary ideas.


Our mission is:

  • To provide education at international standards with an interdisciplinary and contemporary approach.
  • We aim to provide our students with the knowledge and skills of a professional theatre artist, innovation and aesthetic in a professional level, competence in a technical level, and awareness at social, cultural, ethical and environmental levels.
  • We also aim to educate students who can be trained based on impulsion by designing the body, sound, senses and feelings in organic integrity.