Directorate Office


Message from the Director

Dear Candidates,

Do you know how a life devoted to art is full, meaningful, how is a life suitable for the purpose of being human You just recreate life; by staging, writing, poetting, shaping the stone, drawing, painting, composing… Every breath you take gives you and people life and hope. Nowhere else is life more colorful and attractive. You become very special and beautiful with it.

The artist is the only irreplaceable person. No one else can do for him what he alone can do. One he perceives the world in poetic, aesthetic details; As the representative of purity and humanity. It leads to goodness and beauty, to God ...

That is why there is so much need for the artist in this age of crisis where we have lost idealism and human values ??to a great extent. Institutions that train artists are more valuable than ever, and should be given more importance. We set out with this consciousness to be reborn in the purity of art, to be useful to people, to be a medicine, to spread beauty, peace and happiness. We can only achieve this by raising young people who aware of art and its essential duty. We have very lucky genes and history in a very lucky geography. Our infrastructure is full of art and humanity, but there are intense pressures and plans for our superstructure, to erase them, to transform into breathing robots. Our fear is that these intense pressures and plans will achieve their goals. However, we can write beautiful songs on our infrastructure by activating our gene values that have been created over thousands of years.

As we go with this awareness, we say join our path and our song ...

Prof. Murat Salim TOKAÇ

Haliç University Conservatory Director